Patient monitoring
Machine learning
Signal processing
Computer vision
High-performance computing
August 2023: Anthony Fuller earned his M.A.Sc. after his successful thesis defense. We celebrated this achievement with patio beers! Congrats Anthony!

Who we are

The Carleton University Biomedical Informatics Collaboratory (cuBIC) headed by Prof. James R. Green (SMIEEE) is group of researchers conducting research in biomedical informatics within the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University.

From the heart of the Canadian capital, we tackle problems in biomedical informatics and bioinformatics head on. We apply traditional machine learning, deep learning, signal processing, and data science to solve problems related to a variety of domains. Our team consists of highly qualified graduate students and post-doctoral researchers with a passion for engineering.

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Our areas of expertise

The collaboratory is unique in that its members possess a wide variety of skills and background ranging from biology to photonics. The vast palette of expertise in the laboratory creates an environment highly conducive to interdisciplinary research.

Current areas of expertise in the lab include:

  • Real-time, non-invasive patient monitoring (NICU)
  • Bioinformatics (proteomics, miRNA prediction, ...)
  • Audiology and telemedicine
  • Computer vision for remote sensing
  • High-performance computing

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Industry Partners

The collaboratory regularly conducts research in collaboration with industry partners. We would be happy to discuss collaboration opportunities with you. Current industry partners include:

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